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Core Values
Broadview Home Loans is a residential mortgage lender with a trusted history of serving homeowners in California.

Education: We value education. Well educated employees are better able to serve our customers and better educated customers are more likely to become clients for life.

Trust is a foundation both internally and externally. We must earn trust with our customers on every loan while maintaining trust with our business partners every day.

Honesty and transparency may be the most important of our core values. Without them, trust cannot be established or maintained.

Improvement: Every time we touch a loan, our goal is to improve and promote it.

Community: We encourage our branches and employees to get involved and serve their local community.

Service: We strive to provide the best possible service in our industry. 

Our Management Team

Jack Schakett Photo

Jack W. Schakett


Ira Cohen Photo

Ira Cohen


Vegard Lindas Photo

Vegard Lindas

CTO and Managing Director

Marius Nicolau Photo

Marius Nicolau

COO Operations

Ferry Ajdari Photo

Ferry Ajdari

Executive Vice President

Kristi Magnussen Photo

Kristi Magnussen

Executive Vice President

Fiona Brady Photo

Fiona Brady

Senior Vice President

John Dillon Photo

John Dillon

Regional Sales Manager

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